About Dr. Gordon Chen

"Physicians are drawn to healthcare, I believe, to heal, to help people."

Dr. Gordon Chen is leading a healthcare revolution. He created and oversees a world-class physician development culture that empowers doctors to be the change they want to see in healthcare while fulfilling their purpose and creating personal opportunities.

As ChenMed’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gordon Chen partners with the Chief Operating Officer to enhance growth, outcomes, and P&L in the rapidly expanding organization. Dr. Gordon Chen’s influence-based and outcomes-driven approach has helped grow the physician-led, full-risk medical practice to more than 100 medical centers in 15 states.

Dr. Gordon Chen believes doctors can fulfill the moral imperative needed to create a healthcare delivery system that produces social justice through better health. He has developed programs to create world-class physician leaders with the influence required to spread value-based, preventive care beyond a medical center, city, or state. His approach transforms doctors, patients, and entire communities.

After graduating from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in economics as part of Brown's Program of Liberal Medical Education, he followed family tradition and accepted a scholarship to attend the University of Miami School of Medicine. He remained in Miami for his internal medicine and cardiology training. Dr. Gordon Chen is married to his medical school sweetheart, Dr. Jessica Chen, ChenMed’s Chief Clinical Officer. They have four children.

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