About Dr. Chris Chen

"In our industry, it’s not just economic value at stake. Lives are also at stake."

Dr. Chris Chen is the Chief Executive Officer of ChenMed. He is a bold innovator leading a revolution in healthcare through a global full-risk model of patient care, custom-designed physician training programs, and a proprietary technology platform purpose-built for value-based care.

Since becoming ChenMed’s CEO in 2009, Dr. Chris Chen has led the company’s remarkable performance and equalized health inequities across America. Under his guidance, ChenMed has achieved 30–50% fewer hospitalizations and recorded high net promoter scores.

Brought up in South Florida, he graduated from the University of Miami’s Honors Program in Medicine. He completed his medical training at Beth Israel Deaconess and a fellowship at Cornell University Medical College. He lives in Fort Lauderdale with his wife Stephanie, ChenMed’s Chief Legal and Culture Officer, and their four children.

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Moments From The Calling

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